Return Policy

Customers have 24 hours after they order to cancel. This is due to the fact each item is handmade to order and the process to craft each item is started within the first few minutes of your order. After 24 hours there will be no full refund possible, up to 65% (shipping is non-refundable) will be able to be refunded after the 24 hour mark through deliver of product(s) THIS IS A RESTOCKING FEE, as each item is handmade to order. Customers will be responsible for shipping the items back to our facility.
Our handmade collars are crafted to fit your dog perfectly, as no two dog is the same collars are NON-REFUNDABLE. 
LIFETIME WARRANTY- read below for further details. 
Up for a full refund if leash breaks due to craft error. NOTE- We are not accepting ANY items with bite marks, any items that are bitten threw or chewed on. This includes fraying of the leash. The climbing rope material does not fray, only chewing will allow this material to fray.
Chewed on or bitten leashes compromise the integrity of the structure therefore making it prone to failure. We recommend "bitter apple" spray if your dog is a chewer! 
Photos are required so our team can deem if a refund is possible.