At KONAleashes we are so proud to give back! We take pride in donating food for each item sold, paired with this we love giving back to YOUR local shelters as well! If you would like to suggest a shelter or organization in need, please email us info (website, location, etc.). If we are able to make an online donation we will be sure to confirm with you that YOUR local shelter received the online donation from us!

Stay tuned to see food donations on our Instagram (

All online donations are made under the email:

Here is a list of recent shelter(s) we were able to donate either food or an online donation to:

Leon Country Humane Society (Food Donation) - 800 LBS donated 8-31-17

Leon Country Humane Society (Food Donation) - 550 LBS donated

Tallahassee Animal Services (Food Donation) - 650 LBS donated

National English Shepherd Rescue (Monetary Donation)

Best Friends Animal Society (Monetary Donation)

Hudson Valley SPCA (Monetary Donation)

Human Society of Marion County (Monetary Donation)

California Husky Rescue Network (Monetary Donation)